Summer Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Doing

Summer means unbearable heat, ice cream, and pool days for most Filipinos. But if you’re not careful, it can also mean sunburns, unwelcome tan lines, and dry skin.

Taking care of your skin is a top priority this dry season. With summer just around the corner, we are again reminded to be careful of staying out in the sun too much and to reapply sunscreen regularly. When it comes to skincare, however, there are a few all too common mistakes many of us are probably making.

To get your skin summer ready the right way, here are a few skincare mistakes you need to do away with.

Not Using Sunscreen Correctly
Wearing sunscreen should be an important part of your summer skincare routine, but many of us skip on it because it’s a bit expensive, it leaves a sticky residue, or you feel you don’t need it because you’re just planning to stay indoors for the day.

First off, not all sunblock lotions are expensive. They may cost a little, but the purchase is worth it. Many sunscreens on the market are also formulated for quick skin absorption, which does away with the sticky residual feeling. Dermplus sunblocks, for example, provide excellent skin protection from the sun, without taking a huge chunk of your summer allowance.

More importantly, you can get sunburn even when indoors. UV light can penetrate through glass windows, which means even if you are at home or in the office and you happen to be next to a window, you still get exposed.

Make it a habit to use Dermplus to all exposed areas of the body every day. Make it a part of your daily skincare ritual, especially this summer.

Forgetting to Exfoliate
The sun and sand may feel good on your feet, but it can do a lot of damage to the skin. Be sure to exfoliate your skin before hitting the beach. This removes the dead cells and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it smooth, silky, and healthy.

Exfoliation also allows the sunblock and other skincare products to be more effective, as it can go deeper into the skin.

Assuming Your Summer Clothes will Keep You Sun-Protected
When it comes to summer outfits, we want it to be light, airy, and colorful. This, however, could mean your skin (even the non-exposed parts) does not get enough protection.

The white linen shirt, the sun dress, and other summer fashion favorites provide very little protection against the sun. For this, it’s best to sunscreen it up all over, and maybe even getting clothes with built-in sun protection.

Skimping on Water
Dehydration not only causes headaches and dizzy spells, it also causes the skin to dry out. Drink up on water or non-sugary beverages to keep hydrated. This helps maintain the critical moisture balance of the body and skin.

Not Soothing the Skin
If you really can’t avoid staying under the sun for a long time, be sure to soothe the skin as soon as you can.

The Dermplus Aftersun Hydrating Body Gel does a lot in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation and redness, and preventing peeling. The quicker you deal with sun-damaged skin, the better.

Make this summer a skin-friendly season by avoiding these and other mistakes that damage your skin.

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